We help companies build great solutions

Coinblok is reinventing the businesses of yesterday to be ready for tomorrow. Merging innovation and blockchain in new and more interactive services such as education, entertainment, communication and decentralized systems.

We invest in people.


We are your partner in growth

Our vision is to achieve the development of a new social interaction system between company and client or service and user, offering people connected to metaverses and web3 the best possible experience.

With the aim of offering new opportunities to the community thanks to the emergence of this new technology and services.

That is why we are building the Konet project to offer our work to the community.


We are global

That is why our mission is to be able to unite and establish different communications between cultural, artistic, musical, gastronomic, educational, modeling, for readers, cinematographic events.

In addition to connecting small and large businesses with different services such as financial or entertainment with all the online users of the different digital worlds (Metaverses), also adding the option to search for information, reserve or purchase products.


Bring the world to your solutions


One of our main objectives is to be able to offer the community a financial education and knowledge service, which is why we work every day to offer content and courses on our social networks and in the online academy.


Our network, our blockchain, our nucleus, the base from which we work to be able to develop all our services.

In addition to the protocol where we link our decentralized services


We connect, organize and manage different cultural events, companies and services in the real world with web3 and metaverses.

Innovating in a new communication system.


A community that represents our values and philosophy.

Club members benefit from the services or products of the projects we work on, just by owning one or more NFTs from our collection.


We trust our work process

Process 1.

Education & NFT

The first phase of the process is the development of the content in social networks, the free and paid courses of the online academy.

In addition to issuing the first NFT tickets for community members.

  • Social Networks
  • Academy Online
  • NFT Collection

Process 2.

Metavers Parcels & Web3

The second phase is the management and organization of business, cultural events and entertainment in the Metaverse and web3.

  • Metavers Parcels
  • Konet Tower
  • Events

Process 3.

Blockchain Konet

Phase 3 and the last one is the development of the Konet Network with the blockchain infrastructure, the DeFi protocol and the KON cryptocurrency.

  • Blockchain Konet
  • Protocol DeFi
  • Cryptocurrency KON

Konet Club Members

Events, raffles, gifts and much more